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I have different tips below for each type of photography shoot you may book with me. Please can you kindly scroll down to your relevant session type.

Tips Pregnancy photography

7 months is the best time to photograph your maternity session. Your bump will be neat and you will feel and look your best.

The style of photography is graceful and flattering so when choosing outfits, think of clothing that fits neatly over your bump. Soft tops that can open up over your bump can also work well or even a soft cloth. Depending on the style of photography you choose, you may even decide to do some sensual pieces and go with minimal clothing to create some real fine art.


I will provide hats, bowls and blankets for this session however if you would like to bring something meaningful with you to your newborn shoot, I welcome new ideas. If you would like your image to compliment your decor, feel free to bring along items and colours that could be incorporated i.e sheep skin rugs, animal hides, cushions or blankets. Newborn images are warm and pure so my advise for parents would be to wear natural colours such as beige or greys.

FAQ for Newborn Photography

When should I book my newborn session?

It is best to book when you are pregnant to avoid disappointment in case I am fully booked once you have the baby. I will pencil in your due date and a date suitable for a newborn session and then depending when your baby arrives, the date will be adjusted.

When is the best age to get my newborn photographed?

In my opinion, I would suggest between 8-12 days old. The reason for this is because they curl up easily, they sleep longer, they don’t wake easily, their skin is usually not peeling at this stage and they don’t mind being naked.

How long is the newborn session?

A newborn session can take anything up to 3-4 hours long so please do not book a midwife appointment or any other appointment during the day. You will enjoy this relaxing time and get to enjoy watching your baby.

Are there any suggestions I should do with my baby to help make him more sleepy for the session?

Please keep your baby awake for at least an hour and a half before you leave the house, I would suggests a sponge bath or some other type of stimulation. You might have the sleepiest baby ever but I will be manipulating him/her into various poses, so I need them as sleepy as possible.  Please feed your baby just before you leave the house and place them in car seat in just a diaper and tuck blankets around them or dress them in something that is very easy to take off. * PLEASE BRING A PACIFIER EVEN IF YOUR BABY DOESN’T TAKE ONE YET.*You can feed your baby as often as necessary, but if you have expressed milk in a bottle or if baby takes formula please bring a backup.

Should I bring lunch?

I will offer some healthy snack bars and biscuits but if you feel you get hungry quickly, you are welcome to bring a packed lunch with you.

I am having a baby boy and planning a circumcision, what would you suggest I do?

It takes 5-7 days for a circumcision to heal so it is best to have the procedure done at the hospital when your baby is born or after the newborn session. I want to ensure the best comfort for your newborn baby during the session.

What should I bring with to the session?


Baby wipes or cotton wool

Extra nappies – since your baby will be naked most of the day, they may urinate more often so bring around 10 extra nappies, you can always take them back home if we don’t use them. Micro nappies are a good size as they fit newborns better and don’t look so large in the photo. Since they are smaller, they work well under some of my little props.

Dummy/Pacifier – Sucking has its effects deep within the nervous system and triggers a calming reflux to the baby. Even if you typically don’t use one, please bring one to the shoot as some positions are tricky and take some time so if your newborn starts to cry, this may calm him/her down until I get them into position. I am happy to throw it away when you leave but having one will definitely get your more photographs.

Expressing machine if you need to express.

Will my baby be cold during the session if they are mostly naked?

I will prepare the studio before you arrive so it will be toasty and warm. Your baby will also be tucked into cosy blankets and the heater will be on all the time so they won’t get cold. Make sure you dress accordingly as it will be very warm for you.

What should I do about feeding?

Babies sleep more solidly when they have a full tummy so if possible, please can you give your baby a full feed before you arrive and bring a bottle of either formula or expressed milk with you so that you can top up just before their session if  you have too or in between if your baby needs it. By giving them a feed from a bottle, we will know how much they have drunk and they will sleep longer. This will results in you getting a better variety of photographs.

I have another child, can they come to the session?

While I am taking photographs of your newborn, I need the environment to be extremely calm. I also have a lot of props around and back drops and this is not a safe place for a toddler or young child. For the first half of your session, I will take some individual photographs of your newborn sleeping. Afterwards when we do the family photographs, your other child is then welcome to join us for the last hour and we can get some photographs with them involved. Dad can always pop out just before we end the prop photographs to go and fetch your older child.

Can I bring my camera or video to capture this time?

Unfortunately I don’t allow any camera or video equipment in my studio during the session, this includes mobile phones with camera and video. Please kindly respect that you are coming to a professional photographer to have photographs taken and the studio is built for my business. I will capture all your photographs beautifully so just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Can friends join me or my midwife?

I only allow the newborn’s mother and father and possibly one grandparent to the newborn session. This helps to keep the environment calm and quiet

What should we wear for my family images?

Natural colours are the best (grey, cream, beigh) because they blend in well with the “natural look” of your naked baby. Try keep your top plain without logos so that it doesn’t distract from your baby. I also have some wraps for mums if you would like a skin to skin look.

Please bring 2 changes of clothing in case of a accident. The studio can become very warm while I am taking photos of your newborn alone so I would advise bringing something light along that you can slip into while I am taking the baby alone shots.



I get asked lots of questions from my clients before they come in for their sessions, so I have put together some tips, that can help you on the day! Obviously my first priority is that being in my studio is a positive experience for you and your children. I aim to have lots of fun and bring out cheeky smiles and giggles. Well rested children and parents are a must!

Babies and young children change so much in each stage of development, so it is so lovely to try and capture these fun and adventurous times. Favourite toys are a large part of young children’s lives and put smiles on their little faces so they are the best props to bring along. Accessories such as bath towels, hats, sunglasses, scarves and blankets are other great props as they help me interact with your children and bring out their natural characters.

Older Children often have their own personal interests and I like to try and capture that in their photographs. Whether it is music, sports or just funky outfits and accessories, bring these props along and I can incorporate them in a cool and creative way. There are also different lighting options available if you would like to try something a little more ‘arty’, and create an image that is more innovative and creative. This style is particularly sought after by teenagers and young adults.

Family photography is so wonderful when it captures the love and happiness between all your family members. This is the reason I like to play fun games during the session as it brings out everyone’s true personalities. If your family has a mutual interest for example skiing or football, please feel free to bring props along and we can create images that reflect your family life.

My style of photography is carefree and fun so when choosing outfits for your session, opt for casual/smart clothing which is vibrant and colourful. Bright colours works best on the white backdrop I work on. Shoes are optional as I like to photograph barefoot so that everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

When we meet on the day of your session, we will sit down together and discuss all our options. The mixture of your expectations and my complete passion for photography will ensure I create something unique, endearing and everlasting.


Wear a nice outfit and bring a few cardigans / jackets that are easy to put on and off, for some variety.

Bring a few accessories e.g. Scarves, hats, sunglasses and any props that represent what you enjoy e.g. Umbrellas, toys for kids, sport items etc.


Feel free to bring any props you like!

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