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    Hello and welcome to my blog.

    My name is Natasha and I am an award winning international photographer who specializes in high end, luxurious portraiture, maternity, family and newborn shoots.

    I am passionate about my photography and I love laughter; I believe a day without laughter is truly a day wasted. When I see my clients laughing and having fun, I know I have achieved my goal – I am capturing their true spirit and it will always be a reminder to them of that moment in time.

    I mainly shoot in my home based, large, white studio where everyone is free to enjoy themselves; alternatively, I am happy on location where our imagination can roam free in the outdoors! The mixture of your expectations and my complete passion for photography will ensure we create something unique, endearing and everlasting.

    My approach to newborn photography is totally different to my family photography. Having a newborn baby is when your world is awakened to what true love is. Being a mother myself, I understand that you desperately want to stop time and focus on the tiny things that make you feel complete. My photography is about capturing the simplicity of your newborn and creating images that are warm and pure.

    Please view my galleries above which will showcase my work, photography is about making a connection and finding the right artist, whose style you love and whose personality is a good match for you. You deserve the best, and I want to make sure the photography I produce for you will become timeless heirlooms to give to your children.

    I am honoured you are considering me to capture the love between you and your children and hope that my style is what you are looking for.

    Thank you for stopping by

    Love Natasha

    To read more about me, please go to ABOUT NATASHA


Best baby photography London / Ealing

Baby Aiden came to my London based studio for a newborn session. Aiden was 6 weeks old and such an angel. He was super cute and super sleepy so I managed to get some gorgeous baby photographs for him. Baby photography usually takes places when newborns are between 1-3 weeks but with Aiden, we managed to capture that tiny stage for him even though he was slightly older then the norm.

At the end of his newborn session, his sweet sister Iyla joined us. It was so lovely to watch how caring she was towards him and more then happy to have him in her arms and give him lots of kisses.

Below are a few of their images. I have also put a slide show right at the end so that you can see all the images.

Baby boy

A gift of love

and absolute joy,

Brings you this

beautiful baby boy.

Two people as one

created a son,

To cherish

for evermore.

Take care of this boy

he’s precious and new,

And has been left in the

care and protection of you

london baby photography

Baby photography London by Natasha Wiening

<br /> <h3>baby photography in London</h3> <p>

Call now to book your baby photography session on 07789565101

With summer quickly approaching, I am booking up quickly so to avoid being disappointed, please call me while you are pregnant to secure your session date.

I photography newborns all across London, West London and Central London.

I cover Richmond, Chiswick, Kew, Ealing, Highgate, Hampstead Heath, Nottinghill, Chelsea, Holland Park, Mayfair, Regents Park, East Sheen, Kensington. To view more photographs of babies, please view my gallery


© West London Photography by Natasha Wiening
Kandi Anderson - April 20, 2016 - 1:38 pm

Gorgeous images as usual Natasha! Love your work. You capture such sweet tender moments for families to cherish!

Jen Strozewski - April 20, 2016 - 3:02 pm

These are gorgeous! You did such a great job with a six week old! That can be a difficult session!! You are so talented!

Linda - April 21, 2016 - 12:06 pm

Beautiful captures of the whole family. The image of big sister from above is perfect. Your styling and colors are rich and full of life in your newborn pictures.

Tessa - April 22, 2016 - 5:42 am

Incredibly sweet photos of this darling wee man. My favorite is the top left….utterly perfect. These images will be treasured by this family for a lifetime!


Baby photography London / Greenwich

I recently photographed a beautiful baby girl named Emily who came to my West London studio all the way from London, Greenwich.

Every time I photograph babies, I can’t believe what a miracle they truly are. To watch them so closely and hope for that sweet smile. And then there is the parents smiles, one of pure pride and love. I feel honoured every time I can document this special chapter.

Until you’ve

counted little fingers, counted little toes,

held a little hand, kissed a little nose,

soothed a little tummy, read to little ears.

powered a little booty, wiped away little tears

………… havn’t known love

Meet sweet Emily who was 12 days old at her newborn session. This little girl gave me the most adorable smile that could melt your heart.

Kerstin and Kian, you are truly blessed.

best newborn photographer

Newborn photography London

newborn photographer London

Baby photography by Natasha Wiening

Creative newborn photography

London newborn photographer Natasha Wiening

Remember your bundle of joy’s first days with an exquisite newborn photography collection. My style is warm and organic.

Call now for your consultation on 07789565101

To view all the images from this session, please view the slide show below


Baby Photography London

Natasha provides all the props and blankets for your session so you can just sit back, relax and allow Natasha to create some wonderful art for you. Take a look at some one the wonderful framing on offer to showcase your image on the wall.

Natasha’s home-based studio is Located in Ealing, West London. There is free parking for her clients.





© West London Photography by Natasha Wiening
Kandi - April 8, 2016 - 2:32 am

What beautiful images you have captured for this family! Truly magical. Your work is amazing, Natasha

Linda - April 11, 2016 - 2:19 pm

Beautiful little girl in every image, but those eyes…. you have captured timeless newborn photography. I love the joy I see in the family images. What a treasure to look back on these as she grows

Lindsay - April 11, 2016 - 2:52 pm

Such amazing baby photography. This little one is the sweetest. I just love your pictures, Natasha Wiening Photography!

Jennifer Strozewski - April 11, 2016 - 4:17 pm

This newborn session is beautiful!!! I just love that image with the wooden log, so organic and natural for a gorgeous baby girl!!

Tessa - April 11, 2016 - 6:45 pm

So much love captured in these photos. This will be a true treasure for this family!

lorena - April 15, 2016 - 9:16 pm

So precious!! I always love your all white backgrounds. I’m going to have to play with some white seamless! Congrats to the family- their baby is precious! Lucky them to have you to capture such a fleeting moment.

Lindsay - April 22, 2016 - 7:21 pm

Such pretty newborn baby photography. I love all of the colors you chose for this session. I love your work, Natasha Wiening Photography.


Children photographer London / Ealing children

A few weeks ago, I got a call from Maddison who was planning a surprise gift for her parent’s anniversary. She knew the best gift for her parents would be a photo shoot of the children and a nice framed portrait. I was excited for her and couldn’t wait to meet her brother and sister.

It was sweet to see how secretive they all were with their mother and how they managed to slip out the house to come to my West London Studio in Ealing which was in walking distance from their house.

We had a great times taking photographs in the studio and I managed to take lots of lovely photographs of them all together as well as some individual ones.

On the day of their parents anniversary we surprised them with a slide show of all the images and a nice framed portrait of the kids together. Ann, their mother immediately booked a viewing appointment and came to purchase lots more. It was a wonderful surprise and would always make a cherished gift. They are now planning on coming back in the summer to get some more family photographs and some generation ones with Ann’s mother.

I welcome Children’s photograpyh sessions and was honoured they had chosen me to give their parents such a special gift. Here are some of their photographs


children photography EalinglondonEalingchildrn photographer in ealing

Natasha is a children photographer in London, Ealing who is a specialist in her field. With over 13 years experience, she will get the very best expressions out each family member. To book a shoot with Natasha, please contact her through the contact form above or call her on


for your consultation

Natasha has photographed 100’s of families across London and West London and is a specialist in areas such as Chiswick, Kew, Richmond, Ealing, Holland Park, Chelsea, Nottinghill.

© West London Photography by Natasha Wiening
Kandi - March 24, 2016 - 11:25 am

What a wonderful surprise for that Momma. How thoughtful of her daughter to arrange a shot for her siblings. The family will cherish your images you captured for years to come! I personally think there is no better gift!

Linda - March 25, 2016 - 10:44 pm

Beautiful family and such a thoughtful gift for their mom. You are the best at capturing the beauty and uniqueness of an individual and I know this mom cherishes your work capture for her Natasha Wiening Photography

Lara - March 30, 2016 - 1:29 am

Isn’t it the best when our kids surprise us and do something so thoughtful. Gorgeous pics Natasha. Mom will absolutely treasure these forever. <3


Baby photography Central London

At the end of February, I had a stand at the baby show Excel Centre where I met so many wonderful families. There I met Kerstin and Kian and today they introduced me to their beautiful baby girl Emilie.

Emilie was such a beautiful baby girl, even though she is less then 2 weeks old, she managed to stay awake for most of her baby photography session and needed quite a lot of convincing to fall asleep. Regardless, I managed to capture this baby girl beautifully and can’t wait to show her parents all her photographs.

Below is a sneak preview of this little newborn, her eyes wide open and looking very pretty.

baby photography

If you would like to book a baby photography session for the summer, please get in touch as soon as possible as I only have a few places left. 07789565101

Natasha provides all the props and blankets for your session so you can just sit back, relax and allow Natasha to create some wonderful art for you. Take a look at some one the wonderful framing on offer to showcase your image on the wall.

Natasha’s home-based studio is Located in Ealing, West London. There is free parking for her clients.

© West London Photography by Natasha Wiening


Family photography London / Nester

I have been so busy these last few weeks with The Baby show that I haven’t had a chance to show you all the wonderful families I have had in my London studio recently. This gorgeous little boy Nester came with his mummy and daddy for some fun, alive photographs. He was the cutest little boy with his big blue eyes. His family chose a wonderful photograph of him to go up on the wall which highlighted his eyes. Their bespoke frame was made using a natural woodern frame which worked well in their home.


Where love is everything,

and yours is so well known….

that through anything

that life can bring

you never feel alone.

Here, hope and dreams

are always on the rise.

When you’re with family

you’re helped to see

life through loving eyes

~Leon Baird

bespoke framing

Bespoke framing- Hudson range

They also chose a nice selection of prints which I will show you below.

children photography londonlondoncreative family photography

Children grow and change incredibly quickly, why not capture this special moment forever with a photography.

Call Natasha on 07789565101 to capture your moment

Family photography London by Natasha Wiening

© West London Photography by Natasha Wiening
Lindsay - March 3, 2016 - 1:52 pm

What a sweet little boy. Clearly this family made the right choice by going to you. These pictures are so good. I also really love the wooden frame.It’s lovely that you can not only take such wonderful images, but also help customize how they display their images in their home. You really do it all, Natasha!

Kandi - March 5, 2016 - 3:37 am

Your images are always such a pleasure to view. The families you capture are always having so much fun. That sweet little boy has the most beautiful eyes!!!

Jen Strozewski - March 5, 2016 - 1:06 pm

Such beautiful photos of a sweet loving family. I always love seeing your images show up in my newsfeed. So much color and emotion.

Linda - March 6, 2016 - 12:57 am

What a beautiful young family, and the eyes on that little man, goodness. Natasha your images are filled with joy. This family will treasure them.

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